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Juuri Partners is a Finnish private equity company, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth-oriented companies a new business financing and development concept that combines active minority investment, debt financing and strategic business support.

Juuri Partners supports entrepreneurs/owners in developing and growing their companies both as a provider of financing and an external sparring partner that is strongly committed to the company. The entrepreneurs/owners continue as majority owners in the target companies of Juuri Fund, benefitting from the increase in shareholder value that is achieved together.

Juuri Partners enables changes of generation and ownership and corporate acquisitions made by the management of the company. The financing model of Juuri Partners allows the company’s ownership structure to be organised so that it motivates the entrepreneurs. The expertise of the Juuri Partners team and its networks are available for both ownership structure reorganisations as well as the creation and implementation of a new, growth-oriented strategy.

Juuri Partners is the management company of Juuri Fund and screens for new investment opportunities for the Fund, actively develops the target companies and executes exits from them. The commitments of Juuri Fund comes from well-established Finnish institutional investors.

Juuri is Finnish and means the root of a plant. Juuri Partners’ target companies are established businesses looking for growth with a goal to prosper, just like a plant with solid roots is pushing for growth and eventually blossoms.

Target companies