Strongly on Behalf of Finnish Entrepreneurship


Juuri Partners’ team consists of seven partners, each with an extensive knowledge base that supports the Fund’s operations. The team’s diverse expertise covers business development, board work, business management, marketing & brand building, financing, mergers & acquisitions and private equity investing.

Joni Mäkelä

Joni has over 20 years’ experience in demanding finance positions in domestic and foreign companies. He is experienced Management team member and has been responsible of Finance, Administration, Logistics and IT functions. He has strong background in internal and external accounting, reporting, budgeting/forecasting and cost accounting. Joni is responsible for the portfolio company Finance, Admin, IT and Reporting development.

Tommi Asmala

Tommi has experience in investment banking both mergers & acquisitions and IPOs & equity offerings as well as strong background in strategy and market analyses. Tommi supports target companies in strategy implementation and produces market analyses.

Hanna Viinikainen

Hanna has extensive experience in comprehensive company analysis as well as from financing mergers & acquisitions with different debt instruments. Hanna is responsible for target company analyses, implementation of financing arrangements and target company monitoring & follow-up.

Tapani Varjas

Tapani has extensive over 20 years’ experience in entrepreneurship, investment banking, mergers & acquisitions, minority ownership, corporate governance and risk management. Tapani is responsible for the development of corporate governance, M&A and financing documentation, risk management and shareholder value creation through management of corporate responsibility in the investment activities.

Anita Ojala

Anita has over 20 years’ experience in debt and equity financing of mergers & acquisitions. She is an experienced company analyst and has strong sectoral and financing expertise. Anita is responsible for the financial analysis of target companies, investment structure planning, implementation of financing arrangements, financial follow-up & monitoring, refinancing and exit preparations.

Markus Einiö

Markus has versatile over 20 years’ experience as entrepreneur, consultant and professional manager in business development and management. He has a strong background in especially sales, marketing and brand building. Markus is responsible for the analysis of target companies, supporting the target companies’ strategy work, business development and change management as well as monitoring the implementation of development programs in the target companies.

Samuli Sipilä

Samuli has been engaged in the financial sector during his entire career, serving as a CEO for two different companies during the past 8 years. Samuli has extensive experience in the initiation, growing and selling of businesses. He has served on the boards of numerous companies since early 90’s when he served as the Chairman in a family company. Samuli has been in the private equity industry over a decade and he acts as the CEO of Juuri Partners Oy, the advisor to Juuri Fund.

Aki Samaletdin

Aki Samaletdin

Investment Manager
+358 50 558 1752

Aki has experience in financial due diligence in various transactions including mergers & acquisitions, disposals and carve-outs. He has a solid background in performing detailed financial analysis on companies. Aki is involved in analyzing potential target companies and related markets, coordinating M&A processes and monitoring target companies.

Laura Pirhonen

Laura Pirhonen

Investment Manager
+358 40 706 2624

Laura has experience from multiple industries on topics ranging from business planning and strategy to marketing and sales as well as support function optimization. Laura will be involved in business development of the targets, analyzing potential target companies and related markets, as well as coordinating M&A processes.

Antti Antikainen

Antti has extensive experience from advising in various types of transactions including M&A, real estate and bank financing transactions. Antti is involved in business development of the targets, risk management, analysing potential target companies and related markets, as well as coordinating M&A processes and preparing documentation.

Eetu Blomqvist

Eetu has vast international experience in technology and business development. He is responsible for accelerating digitalization and developing technological capabilities of target companies. Additionally, Eetu provides support to target companies throughout the investment lifecycle and adds a technology perspective in analysis of potential target companies and markets.

Jenni Suhonen

Jenni has experience as a controller in a Finnish growth company Fafa’s, where she was responsible for the management reporting and design of reporting framework of the company’s Finnish operations. In addition, Jenni was involved in building the controller function of Fafa’s international. At Juuri Partners, Jenni monitors portfolio companies, develops financial reporting and produces fund reporting of Juuri Funds, among other things.

Board of directors

Juuri Partners’ Board of Directors consists of four external members and one of the partners of Juuri Partners. When forming the Board, we have sought extensive expertise especially in strategic and operative management, entrepreneurship, finance, reputation management and media relations.

Jukka Hienonen


Background: Paroc (Chairman of the Board), SRV (CEO), Finnair (CEO), Stockmann (Deputy CEO)

Strengths: Board work, management, strategy, internationalisation, retail and real estate.

Why Juuri? Several growth companies’ bottleneck is financing. Juuri Partners diversifies SMEs’ financial instruments to present days’ standards. Our participation as a minority shareholder enables full time focus on business development for entrepreneurs.

Topi Paananen

Member of the Board

Background: Peikko Group (CEO), Foxconn, Eimo, Akzo Nobel

Strengths:  Entrepreneurship and family entrepreneurship, leadership, internationalization and growth

Why Juuri?  Juuri’s strategy to finance and support the growth companies is certainly suitable for both family businesses and businesses aiming for international markets. Through Juuri, I will be able to provide my expertise and experience to Finnish SMEs.

Jouni Heinonen

Member of the Board

Background: Pohjoisranta Burson-Marsteller (CEO, Partner), Wallstreet Financial Services (Board Member), Erweko (Board Member)

Strengths: Reputation management and risks, corporate communication, crisis communication, investor communication and board work.

Why Juuri? There are private equity companies and private equity companies – Juuri’s mission is to grow and develop successful SMEs, exactly what Finland needs right now.

Kati Levoranta

Member of the Board

Background: P2X Solutions (EVP), Rovio (CEO), Nokia, Pöyry, Valio

Strengths: Business management, international business, brands, team builder

Why Juuri? It is great to be a part of Juuri’s activities and to help Finnish entrepreneurs build success stories. Juuri has a first class team and I am very happy to be able to work with them on portfolio companies


A wide network of experienced players in different fields have been involved in developing and supporting the operations of Juuri Partners. Successful, experienced entrepreneurs who have transformed their industries have been invited to become members of the Juuri Partners Oy advisory network. The advisors are part of the Juuri Partners’ network and are involved in facilitating the growth and success of the target companies of Juuri Fund.

Max Alfthan

Member of the Board

Dan Ahlstedt

Member of the Bord

Juho Lipsanen

Chairman of the Board

Timo Hiltunen

Member of the Board

Olli Sirkiä

Member of the Board

Lasse Järvinen

Member of the Board

Petri Kalliokoski

Member of the Board

Jaakko Tennilä

Member of the Board

Anssi Rantasalo

Member of the Board

Eero Raappana

Member of the Board

Johan Sandell

Member of the Board

Kimmo Kedonpää

Member of the Board

Pertti Nupponen

Chairman of the Board

Esa Korvenmaa

Member of the Board

Tuire Nyberg

Member of the Board

Juha Hetemäki

Board Advisory

Sampo Päällysaho

Member of the Board

Tom Nickels

Member of the Board