Puuha Group

  • 5/2016
    Year of investment
  • 5m€
  • 26
  • Turku
  • Ownership arrangement
    Why Juuri?

Puuha Group promotes health and wellbeing by manufacturing playground, sports and outdoor exercise equipment for all age groups. The company is strongly committed to promoting health through play and exercise from the smallest members of the family to senior citizens. Puuha Group invests in continuous product development, practical design and lifecycle services. The typical customers of Puuha Group are cities and municipalities, construction companies and housing cooperatives. The company aims to grow both in Finland and abroad, and Juuri partnered with the entrepreneurs in 2016 to help build the company’s growth story.

The mission of Puuha Group is to work with our customers to improve the capacity of all people to promote health and wellbeing. Juuri provides support and capital for us to achieve our mission. The promotion of exercise, through e.g. play, from toddlers to grandparents is the basis of our activities, and we wish to accelerate the spreading of our message with the help of Juuri.

CEO, Puuha Group