• 10/2019
    Year of investment
  • EUR 6 m
  • 23
  • Helsinki
  • Ownership arrangement
    Why Juuri?

LeadCloud specializes in target group services, supporting both in B2B and B2C sales organizations. It has already to date renewed the industry e.g., by developing user a friendly platform for custom made target group creation. Simultaneously with Juuri’s investment, LeadCloud acquired Fonecta’s Data Business division enabling even broader services and sources of data to its customers. Leveraging the capabilities of the new strengthened organization, agile and responsible product development especially in the field of smart data will be in the focus of the company for the coming years.

The transaction enabled by Juuri Partners opens up ever broadening opportunities for developing our products and supporting our customers’ sales operations. This in part makes it possible for LeadCloud to continue its strong growth. Olli Suvanto, VP of Sales and Shareholder