Our Approach

Juuri is a financing and business development and growth partner for solid, established Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises. Juuri supports the owners and management of companies in implementing the strategy and business – in a comprehensive way from board work to the development of day-to-day operations.

The financing needed to fuel the growth of a portfolio company is always tailored on the basis of the company’s growth plan. The goal is to support portfolio companies in e.g.:



Business development and eliminating barriers to growth

Financing growth investments

Significant changes in ownership structures

Eliminating working capital challenges relating to growth

Enhancing refinancing capabilities

The financing provided for a single company typically totals EUR 5–12 million, combined with a growth leap. Juuri is involved in the company either as a minority or a majority owner. Juuri is strongly involved in supporting the implementation of the target company’s business plan and its growth through optimal overall financing tailored to the company’s needs, also utilising debt instruments when necessary. The financing period is typically 3–4 years. Exits are executed in accordance with the mutual objective set by the owners.

Juuri Partners shares a strong mutual interest with the other owners of its target companies to develop the company and increase its shareholder value.

Juuri Partners complies with the international guidelines and standards in the valuations and reporting of its target companies.



Juuri strives to be the most appealing growth partner for ambitious Finnish companies and a reformer of the private equity industry.


Juuri has a strong will to boost the development and growth of Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises as well as support and enrich entrepreneurs and the Finnish society.

Corporate Responsibility

Juuri Partners Oy is committed to being a responsible investor and owner. The objective of our corporate responsibility efforts is to develop even more valuable and responsible companies with a higher growth potential into the Finnish society.

Corporate responsibility is integrated into our investment process, ownership agenda and reporting. The objective of our investment operations is to generate long-term increase in shareholder value in our portfolio companies by linking corporate responsibility themes to the strategic goals of our portfolio companies.

As an active minority owner, we have the opportunity to directly influence the corporate responsibility issues of our portfolio companies. Systematic monitoring and management of relevant corporate responsibility issues that affect shareholder value are fundamental to our operations as an owner of our portfolio companies.

Partner Tapani Varjas of Juuri Partners is responsible for our corporate responsibility activities.

Juuri’s ESG policy

Juuri’s annual ESG report 2023