• 6/2017
    Year of investment
  • 8m€
  • 19
  • Vantaa
  • Funding growth
    Why Juuri?

Destaclean is a circular economy company specializing in receiving and sorting construction and packaging materials. The business concept of Destaclean is based on building an extensive network of partners and engaging in cooperation that benefits all parties. Destaclean focuses on its core competence, the receiving, sorting and sales of construction and packaging waste, and is an independent player serving vehicle operators and logistics companies specializing in waste transport. The company has launched a unique innovation based on concrete technology, the ecological Wood Stone composite material. Wood Stone enables the significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the carbon footprint of e.g. environmental construction.

The involvement of Juuri Partners guarantees faster growth and product development for us. The financing and ownership arrangement with Juuri Partners enables the faster expansion of the unique service concept of Destaclean. At the same time, we are gaining strategic and operative know-how for the further development and commercialization of the product applications of our Wood Stone concept.

Matti Hallinen, Owner Destaclean Oy