Esa Kuokka Oy acquires temperature controlled transport business for foodstuff in Lempäälä and Vantaa from Posti Oy

Esa Kuokka Oy makes strategic acquisition

Posti Oy and Esa Kuokka Oy signed a business acquisition agreement on September 30, 2019, whereby Posti sells temperature controlled foodstuff transport and terminal business in Lempäälä and temperature controlled foodstuff transport and warehouse business in Vantaa. The parties will not disclose the purchase price.

The transaction will be completed on November 1, 2019, when the food logistics employees of Posti in Lempäälä and Vantaa will be transferred to Esa Kuokka Oy with existing benefits.

Customer services continue unchanged

Temperature-controlled foodstuff storage of Posti’s customers in Lempäälä and Vantaa, as well as the food logistics transportation partnerships in Lempäälä and Vantaa, will be transferred to Esa Kuokka Oy at the completion of the business acquisition agreement.

The agreement will not affect other services of Posti in Lempäälä or Vantaa. Posti will also continue in the food storage business in Lempäälä.

“For us, the business acquisition enables us to offer a wider range of services also in the Tampere economic area,” says Jani Närhi, Managing Director of Esa Kuokka Oy, “while implementing our strategy; in the future, we will be able to offer more customers the entire food logistics service chain, from producer to restaurant or shop”, Närhi continues. “As a family business and a company with strong values, it is especially important for us to be the most preferred partner, both for our existing customers and for our new customers who will be transferred through this transaction.”

About Esa Kuokka Oy

Esa Kuokka Oy was established in 1993 as the most preferred logistics company providing temperature-controlled logistics nationwide. The company has a turnover of EUR 22 million and employs approximately 250 people including its partners. The cornerstone of Esa Kuokka Oy’s operations is the corporate responsibility in everyday operations: The best way to take care of our customers, the environment, our partners and our employees.