Esa Kuokka Oy completed a succession – Jani Närhi to continue the family business with the support of Juuri Partners

Jani Närhi and Juuri Partners Oy have acquired the entire share capital of the logistics company Esa Kuokka Oy. Juuri Partners’ funding solution enables to continue running the family business by Jani Närhi who has been managing the company for a long time.

Esa Kuokka Oy is a nation-wide logistics company that specialises in temperature-controlled transportation and has created quality and technology based service concepts for foodstuff logistics. The company also acts as a delivery partner for DB Schenker in Finland.

”Esa Kuokka Oy is a prime example of a responsible family business that lives by their own values and follows the modern trends. It is great that we can guarantee continued and solid operations in a situation where there is no one from within the family to take the helm”, says partner Tapani Varjas of Juuri Partners Oy.

”In addition to funding, Juuri Partners and their networks will bring valuable strategic vision and resources to developing our business”, states Esa Kuokka Oy’s CEO Jani Närhi.


Focus on digitality, responsibility, and customer experience

Esa Kuokka Oy provides comprehensive temperature-controlled logistics services to the Finnish food industry, and their customers range from large commercial central firms to smaller players in the HoReCa field. Digitality, responsibility, and customer experience have key roles in operational development.

”It is important for us to be able to address the service needs of operators of all sizes and, for instance, provide a national and cost-effective delivery network for our small-scale producer clientele”, Jani Närhi declares.

”Temperature-controlled transports require a lot of expertise. A digital order-delivery chain enables us to produce transparent and real-time data about transport’s quality and cost parameters and to optimise routing in as much detail as possible. In the future, business intelligence and knowledge management will become all the more important.”

Esa Kuokka Oy is fully committed to environmental values and holds the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate. The strategic role of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability will only continue to grow in the company’s future activities. The average European emission standard for the company’s transport fleet is Euro 5.5, while the average standard in this field is Euro 3.6. Emissions are also minimised by using precise route planning and fleet tracking.


More information:

Jani Närhi, CEO, Esa Kuokka Oy, tel. +358 41 546 0088,

Tapani Varjas, partner, Juuri Partners Oy, tel. +358 40 555 5758,


Esa Kuokka Oy is a national logistics company that specialises in temperature-controlled transportation and has created quality and technology based service concepts for foodstuff logistics. In 2017, the company’s net sales were EUR 22 million. The company is based in Vantaa and was established in 1993.

Juuri Fund I LP is a Finnish private equity investment fund that finances established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. The fund is managed by Juuri Partners Ltd. Juuri Partners offers growth-focused companies a new business development and financing concept that combines active minority ownership, business operation support and debt financing. The fund has currently capital commitments of approximately EUR 80 million from several significant institutional investors in Finland.