Juuri Partners exits Vitality and Group

The entire share capital of Vitality and Oy including its Group companies Bertil’s Health Oy and Makrobios Oy, is sold to Midsona AB, a Swedish publicly listed company.

The Vitality and Group will be sold to the Swedish publicly listed company Midsona AB in a transaction signed on August 20th, 2021 and expected to be completed on October 1st, 2021. The sellers in the transaction are Vitality and Group CEO Kim Pomoell, Juuri Rahasto I Ky fund and key personnel of the company. The management and personnel will continue in their current positions.

Midsona is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (NASDAQ OMX Stockholm) and is a leader within natural and organic products, consumer health and health foods in the Nordics. The Group employs approx. 800 people in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France and Finland, and its revenue in 2020 was approximately €370 million. In Finland, Midsona carries brands such as Tri Tolonen, Urtekram, Friggs and Naturdiet. The company also represents brands such as Compeed, Salus and Yogi.

The two operative companies within the Vitality and Group, Bertil’s Health Oy and Makrobios Oy, have grown remarkably in recent years. During the ownership period of Kim Pomoell and Juuri Partners the revenue of the Group increased from €8.5 million to more than €13.9 million while profitability improved significantly. The extraordinary well implemented growth strategy has focused particularly on growing in-house brands, building a competitive sales organization and optimising logistics while refining the distribution strategy.

“Midsona will offer our companies a first-class home in the heart of the Nordic well-being business, which caters a natural development step enabling international operations. Our development and success in recent years would not have been possible without the diverse support and productive cooperation of Juuri Partners,” says Kim Pomoell, CEO of the Vitality and Group.

“The Group is in an outstanding state mainly because of considerable leadership developments in the whole organisation. The management team has achieved great improvements in developing operational processes, sales, and product development. As a result, they are now ready for the international market,” says Markus Einiö, Founding Partner of Juuri Partners.

As a result of the transaction, Midsona will strengthen its leading position in the Nordics.

“Through Bertil’s Health and Makrobios, the Vitality and Group has a strong position in the Finnish health product market. By using our current platform, we see an opportunity to create a solid organisation with a strong position in the grocery trade as well as in pharmacies and health food stores in Finland,” says Peter Åsberg, CEO of Midsona.

Juuri Partners is a Finnish private equity company which provides financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers a new business financing and development concept to growth-oriented companies that combines active minority investment, debt financing and strategic business support.


Further information:

Markus Einiö, Partner, Juuri Partners, tel. +358 50 594 6363, markus.einio@juuripartners.fi
Kim Pomoell, CEO, Bertil’s Health Oy, tel. +358 400 855 013, kim.pomoell@bertils.fi

 Vitality and Oy

The Vitality and Oy Group comprises Bertil’s Health Oy, which develops and manufactures health products, and well-being wholesaler Makrobios Oy. Bertil’s Health’s portfolio includes not only its flagship Bertil’s range but also many well-known brands such as Omega-7 buckthorn-oil products, Carmolis, Kyolic, Membrasin, Karpalact and Rikas. Makrobios range includes Makrobios Oy’s own supplement range “Makrobios Health” and their organic food products, while also well-known brands such as Ecover, Pukka and Le Pain des Fleurs. In 2020, the Group’s revenue was €13.9 million.

Midsona AB

Midsona develops and markets strong brands in the fields of health and well-being. The company’s products help people to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Midsona is quoted on the Mid Cap list of the Stockholm NASDAQ OMX stock exchange. www.midsona.com/fi.

Juuri Partners Oy

Juuri Partners Oy’s 12-person team manages the private equity funds Juuri Rahasto I Ky and Juuri Rahasto II Ky amounting to approximately €200 million, which finance established and profitable small- and medium-sized enterprises in Finland, Juuri Partners offers growth-oriented companies a business financing and development concept that combines active ownership, debt financing and strategic business support. The investor base for the funds comprises both Finnish and international institutional investors. www.juuripartners.fi