Juuri Partners offers global technology expertise to its portfolio companies

Juuri Partners takes a leap in strengthening its capabilities in technology and digital business solutions for its portfolio companies as Eetu Blomqvist starts as the Chief Technology Officer at Juuri Partners on February 1, 2021. Eetu is an internationally experienced business director and a seasoned expert in technology and digital businesses. Prior to joining Juuri Partners, Eetu worked most recently as the CEO and the Chief Technology Officer of Reaktor USA. His extensive expertise is based on more than 10 years of hands-on experience in software development.

Having Eetu in the Juuri team materially facilitates Juuri Partners’ ability to support the technological and digital development of its portfolio companies, both in industries directly related to IT as well as for more traditional industries. Digital solutions and their business applications are increasingly emphasized in portfolio companies’ growth plans and strengthening their competitive advantage. Technology has become an important part of the shareholder value creation strategies of all portfolio companies.

Eetu will be involved in the entire life cycle of all investment activities including industry sector analyses, deal sourcing, networking, assessing the growth prospects of potential portfolio companies, and preparing business plans, as well as supporting the implementation of the business plans with the management teams of portfolio companies.

Eetu Blomqvist strengthens Juuri’s team with strong digital business expertise.