Juuri Partners raises EUR 110 million for new growth fund

Juuri Partners’ new fund, Juuri Rahasto II Ky, has launched investment operations at the fund size of EUR 110 million.  The fund raising will continue with the aim of attracting a couple of new investors with a total of approximately EUR 20 million additional capital by summer 2020.

Juuri Partners received a strong commitment from its existing investors in the early stages of fund raising, which was also followed by significant support from new investors. The fund’s investor base consists of both Finnish and international institutional investors.

Simultaneously with the launch of the new fund, the investment period of the EUR 80 million Juuri Rahasto I Ky will end. During the investment period in 2015-2019, the fund made a total of 13 investments in Finnish growth companies, including Destaclean, a circular economy company, Flowplus, an industrial flow technology service provider, and SPL Company, the provider of Ukko.fi light entrepreneurship services. Juuri Partners has been able to support its portfolio companies’ growth with versatile know-how and capital, and the portfolio companies’ topline growth mainly organically has been on average 18 percent per year.

The investment strategy of the new fund is essentially based on the foundations of the first fund:

  • Strong partnerships with entrepreneurs;
  • Equity financing and debt financing to meet the needs of the target company;
  • Providing value creation capabilities from Juuri Partners’ own team and expert network;
  • Implementing a shareholder value driven responsible investment strategy.

The new fund invests in growth companies operating primarily in Finland with net sales of EUR 5-150 million. The fund makes both majority and minority investments, leaving a significant share of the ownership and additional value created with Juuri Partners to entrepreneurial owners.

“We are very excited about the strong support we have received from both investors in our first fund and our new investors during the fund raising phase. Our unique investment strategy combined with our team’s down-to-earth approach has been very well received by Finnish growth entrepreneurs. We look forward to being able to help new entrepreneurs reach their goals with their companies”, comments Samuli Sipilä, Managing Director of Juuri Partners.

“It has been a pleasure for me to be to support Juuri Partners’ team in building a new Finnish growth fund from idea to second fund. Juuri Partners contributes to one of the significant bottlenecks in the Finnish economy, namely the ability of entrepreneurially driven SMEs to grow to the next level. Juuri Partners’ team has made professional ownership tools available to SMEs in a very accessible way”, says Jukka Hienonen, Chairman of the Board.


Further information: Samuli Sipilä, Managing Director, tel. +358 40 771 1764


Juuri Partners Oy

Juuri Partners Oy manages in aggregate of appr. EUR 190 million of private equity funds Juuri Rahasto I Ky and Juuri Rahasto II Ky, which invests in well-established and profitable small and medium-sized companies in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth-oriented companies financing and development tools that combines active ownership, business support and debt financing. The fund’s investor base consists of both Finnish and international institutional investors. www.juuripartners.com