Juuri Fund I supports Kas-Telineet Ltd.’s growth

Juuri Fund I is supporting the journey of Kas-Telineet Ltd in becoming the leading supplier of scaffolding and industrial weather protections

Juuri Fund I Ky, a fund investing in SMEs, has decided to fund the implementation of Kas-Telineet’s growth strategy. Kas-Telineet offers scaffolding and weather protection services for construction and heavy industry. Having a new investor creates better opportunities for the company to expand and meet the growing demand in Finland. Current owners, Kari Rantakoski and Kasper Rantakoski, will continue as majority shareholders.

Kas-Telineet is a Finnish family-owned construction service company founded in 1983. The company is seeking strong growth in the scaffolding and weather protection segments with their customer oriented service concept. The company’s revenue has grown approximately 20 percent per year between 2010 and 2015. The demand for the company’s weather protection and construction services is expected to remain strong.

“Having Juuri Fund I as a funding partner gives us better chances to increase our product inventory significantly and expand our service offering to meet the growing demand. Additionally, Juuri Partners brings operational and strategic expertise to help us implement our growth strategy. This means better and more comprehensive services for our clients”, says CEO Kari Rantakoski from Kas-Telineet.

The company also seeks growth from digitalization, and this year they will be launching a new design and computing service based on 3D modelling and cloud technology. This technology enables the company to create offers more efficiently, and streamline customer relationship processes significantly. The 3D technology also enables the company to design customized and cost effective solutions for clients more efficiently.

The meaning of weather protection will increase in construction and renovation projects in the future. The safety and health requirements for buildings, especially schools and pre-schools, have become stricter and the need for moisture control during the construction period has increased. This is a result from both changed legislation and higher customer expectations.

”Kas-Telineet is an excellent fit with Juuri Fund’s investment strategy. The company operates in an interesting and growing segment within the construction industry. Weather protection plays in important role in ensuring building quality and health requirements are met”, comments Jukka Hienonen, head of board from Juuri Partners.

“Kas-Telineet has an excellent, customer oriented way of working and it operates in a market with clear growth drivers. In addition to organic growth, the fragmentation of the industry also creates interesting growth opportunities. The company has an excellent management team focused on developing the business. We are very happy to have this opportunity to support Kas-Telineet’s growth”, says partner Tapani Varjas.

For additional information:

Kari Rantakoski, CEO, Kas-Telineet Ltd, tel +358 400 969396

Tapani Varjas, partner, Juuri Partners Ltd, tel +358 40 5555758

KAS-Telineet Oy installs and rents scaffoldings, weather protections and lighting solutions for construction, renovation and for industrial use. The company is based in Kaskinen and operates in the greater Helsinki area, Pori, Vaasa and has projects in Southern Finland. The company makes around 3,4 million in revenue and has approximately 35 employees.

Juuri Fund I Ky is a Finnish private equity investment fund, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth focused companies a new business development and financing concept which combines active minority ownership, business operation support and debt financing. The fund currently holds approximately 80 million euros and has investments from several significant institutional investors from Finland.