Kas-Telineet Ltd and Nordic Scaffold Ltd undergo a merger

Kas-Telineet Ltd strengthen their resources in customer relationship management and bridge construction by acquiring Nordic Scaffold Ltd

Kas-Telineet Ltd and Nordic Scaffold Ltd merged their businesses. The owner of Nordic Scaffold Patrik Sarinko will become the company’s executive sales manager and partner. The merger enables both companies to offer more comprehensive service concepts to their clients.

Nordic Scaffold is a company founded in 2013, offering scaffoldings and weather protection services. The company made approximately 0,7 million euros in revenue during the fiscal year 2015, and the company has grown rapidly thanks to its service concept aiming for high customer satisfaction. The founder and owner of Nordic Scaffolds Patrik Sarinko has strong experience in building scaffoldings, weather protection as well as bridge building. Thanks to Patrik’s commitment to managing customer relationships, the demand for Nordic Scaffold’s services has seen a very strong growth. After merging with Kas-Telineet the company will be able to provide their customers with better and more comprehensive service concepts.

Kas-Telineed is a Finnish construction service company seeking strong growth in the scaffolding and weather protection segments with their customer oriented service concept. The company also seeks growth from digitalization, they have created a new design service based on 3D modelling and cloud computing. This technology enables the company to design customized and cost effective solutions for clients more efficiently.

Juuri Fund I Ky has been a funding partner for Kas-Telineet since October 2015, funding and supporting the implementation of the company’s growth strategy. The announced merger will have a significant meaning for the growth strategy, as Kas-Telineet will have a larger inventory of scaffold and weather protection products. Further, the company will have an access to better expertise in bridge building and customer relationship management.

“The acquisition of Nordic Scaffold combined with Patrik’s expertise and customer orientation gives Kas-Telineet better resources to provide more comprehensive services for our clients. Our goal is to build a more customer oriented way of working, which is based on our company’s passion for customer service and utilization of technology in creating the customer experience”, says the CEO of Kas-Telineet Kari Rantakoski.

“I’m very excited to have the opportunity to develop Kas-Telineet together with the current management and owners. The company has very ambitious goals for growth and service concept development. The merger will greatly benefit both companies and their clients”, says CEO Patrik Sarinko from Nordic Scaffold.

For additional information:

Kari Rantakoski, CEO, Kas-Telineet Ltd, tel +358 400 969396

Patrik Sarinko, CEO, Nordic Scaffold Oy, tel +358 44 0456006

Tapani Varjas, partner, Juuri Partners Oy, tel +358 40 5555758

KAS-Telineet Oy installs and rents scaffoldings, weather protections and lighting solutions for construction, renovation and for industrial use. The company operates in the greater Helsinki area, Pori, Vaasa and has projects in Southern Finland.

Nordic Scaffold Oy designs and implements scaffolding and weather protection projects for both business customers and consumers. The company has strong experience in scaffolding and weather protection projects in the bridge construction industry. The company operates mainly in the greater Helsinki area and Eastern Uusimaa, but also has projects in Southern Finland. 

Juuri Fund I Ky is a Finnish private equity investment fund, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth focused companies a new business development and financing concept which combines active minority ownership, business operation support and debt financing. The fund currently holds approximately 80 million euros and has investments from several significant institutional investors from Finland.