Juuri Fund I to support a successful natural products company Valioravinto Ltd. in their generational succession

Owners of Valioravinto Ltd., one of Finland’s oldest and most successful companies in the field of natural products and organic remedies has agreed to go through a generational succession. Current majority shareholders and second generation of the founding family, Harri, Anneli and Olavi Pomoell will transfer the company leadership to third generation family member Kim Pomoell. Juuri Partners Ltd, a company investing in SMBs, will operate as a partner in the transition, providing funding and strategic expertise to secure a controlled process. Valioravinto Ltd has several popular organic health product families in its growing product portfolio, including the Carmolis and Omega 7 product families.

Valioravinto Ltd was founded by pharmacist Bertil Pomoell in Pietarsaari in 1960, and has operated a successful business for a long time, providing an exceptional basis for developing and growing the business in Finland also under the new leadership. The demand for natural products and remedies is growing hand in hand with the on-going growth of the healthy living trend.

“Valioravinto has throughout its history based its business on high quality products, strong research and product development, as well as safety and trustworthiness. These will continue to be the cornerstones of the business going into the future. By focusing on innovative product development and intensive research we will be able to renew our product portfolio to meet the changing needs of the growing market”, says Kim Pomoell, the new CEO and majority shareholder of Valioravinto Ltd.

Previous majority shareholders of the company will give their full support to the new leadership during the transition period. Going forward, the previous CEO Harri Pomoell will support the new management with his extensive market expertise and will act as a member of the board.

“It’s wonderful to see a third generation leader, who has already had success in his career, continuing our lifework and bringing diverse expertise into the company. Our commitment in our strong brands such as Omega 7 buckthorn oil, Carmolis, Kyolic, Kelasin and KarpalLact will continue and we will develop the brands in new and innovative ways. I strongly believe that this transition is an excellent solution for all Valioravinto customers, partners and employees”, says a delighted Harri Pomoell.

Juuri Partners will act as a partner for the new management in both strategic and operational development.

“A successful generational transition is a challenging process. Juuri Partnes will be able to provide Valioravinto strong expertise and funding, helping to execute a controlled transition and to develop the business further. Consumers’ interest in the health effects of food and nutrition keeps growing and at the same time they also want to see faster results in their own health and wellbeing. These consumer behaviour megatrends combined with Valioravinto’s strong products and dedicated new management make the company a very interesting investment target and an excellent fit with Juuri Partners’ investment strategy”, says partner Markus Einiö Juuri from Juuri Partners Ltd.

Valioravinto has a long history in manufacturing and developing natural products and remedies, as well as a wholesaler. Valioravinto is also an importer and exporter of natural products and a contract manufacturer. In addition to their own product development, Valioravinto is also a shareholder in several companies focusing on the development and research of foodstuff and nutritional supplements.

For additional information:

Kim Pomoell, CEO, Valioravinto Ltd, tel +358 400 855013

Markus Einiö, partner, Juuri Partners Ltd, tel +358 50 5946363

Valioravinto Ltd is Finland’s leading natural products companies. The company practises manufacturing, contract manufacturing, product development, research and wholesales, in addition to importing and exporting. The company is based in Pietarsaari and operates countrywide, with main sales channels being natural product specialty shops, pharmacies and grocery stores. The company makes approximately 8,6 million euros in yearly revenue and has over 20 employees. 

Juuri Fund I Ky is a Finnish private equity investment fund, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth focused companies a new business development and financing concept which combines active minority ownership, business operation support and debt financing. The fund currently holds approximately 80 million euros and has investments from several significant institutional investors from Finland.