New owners to Finelcomp Oy – Juuri Partners’ funding creates a new Finnish entrepreneur story


Finelcomp Oy will get new owners when CEO Esa Kivi and Juuri Partners Oy will acquire the company from its current owner Sievi Capital plc. “This is a unique way to become an entrepreneur and get strategic support for the development of operations,” explains Esa Kivi.

Finelcomp Ltd, a supplier of electricity distribution and telecommunication solutions, is the market leader in its field with about 50% market share. In addition, the company offers its customers high-quality contract manufacturing of sheet metal products.

“The funding of Juuri Partners is exactly the right kind of alternative for an operator like me. I become the majority shareholder of Finelcomp and at the same time get strategic support for the development of operations. We share a common vision for expanding the operations,” Esa Kivi adds.

“With this acquisition, Finland will gain a new significant entrepreneur. We shall work together to develop the company and to seek growth especially from exports – including from outside the Nordic countries,” explains partner Markus Einiö from Juuri Partners.


A unique new competitive edge from modularity

Finelcomp’s electrical distribution centres are widely used in small-scale construction, both in industrial and in the public sector. The company’s entire production is produced in Outokumpu, where the company is a major employer. The company’s net sales for 2017 were EUR 16.1 million.

Finelcomp is one of the few companies offering modular mechanical centre solutions. Customers can tailor a system from innovative parts, whether they need an office space or a data centre. The production is streamlined and comply with the Lean principles.

“Focusing on electric centres, especially low-voltage products, enables efficient production processes and, consequently, a cost-effective product portfolio,” Esa Kivi describes.


For more information:

Esa Kivi, CEO, Finelcomp Oy, Tel: +358 (0)400 719 980,

Markus Einiö, Partner, Juuri Partners Oy, Tel: +358 (0)50 594 6363,


Finelcomp Oy is Finland’s leading manufacturer of power distribution and telecommunications enclosure solutions. In addition to electro-mechanical engineering, the company offers its customers high quality and competitive contract manufacturing of sheet metal parts. In 2017, the company’s net sales were EUR 16.1 million. The company is based in Outokumpu and was established in 1988.

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