Rock crushing specialist Kamrock Oy acquires Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy – sustainable crushing company expands to Ostrobothnia

Kamrock Oy, specializing in crushing and production of rock aggregates, grows its business by acquiring the entire share capital of Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy, a family company offering rock crushing services in Ostrobothnia region.

 Having grown strongly in recent years, Kamrock further strengthens its position in the Ostrobothnia region by acquiring the entire share capital of Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy and the business of Kiviaines Sundvik Oy in an asset deal. In connection with the transaction, Sundvik’s excavation business will be sold to Louhinta-Kääntä Oy. The companies’ personnel will continue in their current positions.

The acquisition will enable Kamrock to grow and further develop its business. At the same time, it will ensure the continuation of Sundvik’s long-running operations as the previous owners begin to plan for their retirement in the coming years.

– With the acquisition, we will be able to serve our customers even better and strengthen our offering in the Ostrobothnia region. Sundvik has a good fleet of machinery and above all an incredible 40 years of experience in the industry; It is great to have this unique heritage as part of our business, says Kamrock’s CEO Jarkko Peräaho.

– Through this acquisition, we can also expand the production of manufactured sand we have developed and thus contribute to more environmentally friendly construction.

At Sundvik, too, the deal is treated with excitement:

– We are thrilled that the story of our family company continues as part of Kamrock. It is important to us that the company is acquired by a company of strong values ​​like Kamrock. The deal allows us to develop and improve our customer offering while maintaining our status as an industry pioneer and keeping the focus on quality, says Sundvik CEO Joni Sundvik.

 Manufactured sand to replace depleting natural resources

One of Kamrock’s interesting areas of expertise is the gravel developed by the company – a sustainable and homogenous manufactured sand, which allows concrete manufacturers to reduce the consumption of natural resources and lower their costs in addition to decreasing their carbon footprint.

Up to 70% of the volume of concrete needed for infrastructure construction and the construction industry are fine aggregates, i.e. sand. However, the world’s natural sand reserves are limited, and the transport of sand imposes unnecessary environmental burdens.

The manufactured sand developed by Kamrock Oy offers an interesting alternative to natural sand in concrete production. The sand is of uniform quality, which is ideal for the needs of the concrete industry. It is crushed from the rock as close as possible to the delivery point where the sand is needed. Due to this, transportation distance is shorter, security of supply is better and transportation costs are lower – which in turn significantly reduces the carbon footprint. Thanks to the homogeneity of the aggregate, it is also possible to reduce the amount of cement in the concrete, which saves both costs and nature.

Strong growth with the support of Juuri Partners

Kamrock Oy focuses on serving the mining and construction industries as well as infrastructure construction. It has crushed the growth curves of its industry at a commendable pace throughout its existence. The company’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 21 million, an increase of 23% on the previous year. With the acquisition and other growth, net sales will increase to more than 30 million euros this year. The company continues its strong growth with the support of the private equity company Juuri Partners.

– Kamrock is growing strongly thanks to the company’s uncompromising attitude and ability to innovate. The growth prospects related to infrastructure construction are exciting, and the manufactured sand developed by the company has begun to gain a strong foothold in the market, says Tommi Asmala, Partner at Juuri Partners.

– It is a pleasure to be involved in development of operating models and more sustainable construction. Kamrock is an excellent fit for the Juuri Fund II portfolio. Where portfolio companies’ growth will be accelerated faster through acquisitions in accordance with a jointly developed business plan.


Additional information:

Jarkko Peräaho, CEO, Kamrock Oy, tel. +358 44 364 1654,

Joni Sundvik, CEO, Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy, +358 40 671 4122,

Tommi Asmala, Partner, Juuri Partners Oy, tel. +358 40 534 6228,


Kamrock Oy

Kamrock Oy is a company specialized in crushing and processing of rock aggregates, whose main customer industries include building construction, infrastructure construction and mining. The company was established in 2016 and had net sales of EUR 20.8 million in 2019. Kamrock’s roots lie deep in the bedrock of North Ostrobothnia and the company employs directly over 80 people and approx. 20 more through subcontractors. The company operates eight crushing machineries at sites located around Finland.

 Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy

Founded in 1981, Ab R. & S. Sundvik Oy is a family company specializing in crushing and aggregate production. The company in Ostrobothnia’s net sales in 2020 were EUR 8.5 million. The company employs 36 people and about 5 subcontractors. The company’s three crushing plants operate mainly in Ostrobothnia and Southern Ostrobothnia.

 Kiviaines Sundvik Ab Oy

Founded in 2016, Kiviaines Sundvik Ab Oy sells gravel and stones to its customers. The company operates in the Vaasa region and had a turnover of EUR 3.5 million in 2020 and employed 4 people and one subcontractor.