Cleaning services company N-Clean reinforces growth with an investment from Juuri Partners

N-Clean, a family business from Turku specializing in cleaning services has received a significant investment from Juuri Fund I, an investment fund managed by Juuri Partners focusing on SMEs. In addition to a broader ownership structure N-Clean will also have additional resources in business development and growth. Currently the company and its subsidiaries have almost 1300 employees working within cleaning and premise services in Finland and Sweden.

N-Clean is a family business with over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry, owned by Helena and Rauno Nurmi with Suvi Kuusisto as the company’s executive vice president. The company focuses on hotel and cruise ship cleaning on commercial premises as well as real estate management, offices, shopping centres and holiday apartments. The foundation for N-Clean’s growth is the focus on customer segments with high quality standards and expectations.

“Juuri Partnes offers us additional resources for our business development, ensuring that we are able to keep providing high quality services for our clients. Our goal is to grow into a market leader in Finland in certain fields. Juuri Partners brings more diverse expertise into the company and its supporting functions. I believe that with the help of their expertise in strategy and administration development we will have better resources to develop our family business in the right directions”, says the CEO of N-Clean Rauno Nurmi.

N-Cleans core capabilities in the industry are customer oriented approach and strong focus in developing and improving the cleaning processes. An excellent example of this is the company’s own operation management systems, which ensure quality expectations are met at demanding destinations. N-Clean also invests extensively in employee development and work welfare. Despite the high personnel turnover typical to the industry, the company’s employees have rated their work satisfaction highly.

“The quality of work in the cleaning industry relies solely on the employees. We believe the key to quality is cooperation and investing in skill development. Working with us is also a stepping stone to working life for many of our employees, we have wanted to support that by focusing on orientation and employee development. Having Juuri Fund I as an owner makes it possible for us to reach stronger growth. Growth requires more resources, meaning we have to recruit more people”, explains Nurmi.

“Thanks to the company’s customer oriented approach, N-Clean has reached an excellent position in the hotel and cruise ship cleaning market. The company’s way of working, its strong market position and skilled leadership make organic growth possible. We are very happy to work on N-Clean’s growth and business development together with the Nurmi family”, says partner Anita Ojala from Juuri Partners.

Juuri Partners is a funder working as an active minority owner in Finnish SMEs. In addition to funding, Juuri Partners offers the target companies the networks of their partners and their expertise.

“Our goal is to find 10 to 15 Finnish companies with excellent potential for growth and developments. We are very excited to be able to invest also in a larger company. We are interested in growth oriented, established companies with a revenue of 5-50 million euros and good basic products or service”, tells partner Anita Ojala from Juuri Partners.

For additional information

Rauno Nurmi, CEO, N-Clean Ltd, tel +358 40 730 1563

Anita Ojala, partner, Juuri Partners Ltd, tel +358 40 826 2085

N-Clean Ltd is a cleaning service company founded in 2005, operating nationwide in Finland and its subsidiary N-Clean Ab in Stockholm Sweden. The company has nearly 1300 employees working in cleaning and premises services. N-Clean has a very strong market position in Finland within the hotel and cruise ship cleaning segments. During the fiscal year 2015, N-Clean made 24 million euros in revenue.

Juuri Fund I Ky is a Finnish private equity investment fund, which offers financing to established and profitable small and medium-sized enterprises in Finland. Juuri Partners offers growth focused companies a new business development and financing concept which combines active minority ownership, business operation support and debt financing. The fund currently holds approximately 80 million euros and has investments from several significant institutional investors from Finland.