Vitality And Oy Acquires Oy Makrobios Ab

The Finnish Vitality and Oy expands their business by acquiring the the whole stock capital of well-being wholesaler Oy Makrobios Ab that has been in business for more than 30 years. The company brings together parties dealing with natural and organic products whose common goal is to promote consumers’ natural well-being.

Vitality and Oy, jointly owned by the active management, key persons, and capital investor Juuri Partners, unites players in the fields of natural and organic products who act responsibly and promote natural well-being. The company is expanding their business by acquiring the whole stock capital of Oy Makrobios Ab. Oy Makrobios Ab will continue as an individual company, and the same applies to Oy Valioravinto Ab that is owned by Vitality and Oy. For both companies within the group, the current management and their sales channel selection will continue operations as before. At the group level, the companies will profit from synergy benefits that come from support functions as well as from business development in which, among others, the group’s minority shareholder Juuri Partners is involved.

For more than 30 years, the Finnish well-being wholesaler Makrobios has brought the best parts of various other food cultures to enrich our stews, plates, glasses, and provisions. In addition to high-quality foodstuffs, their selection covers other products for a responsible lifestyle. Makrobios imports organic products for well-known brands such as the gluten-free and organic crispbread by Le Pain des Fleurs, organic tea by Pukka, Clearspring’s organic foodstuffs, and Ecover’s natural detergents. The Makrobios’ turnover during the accounting period that ended in June was a little over five million Euros.

”When I founded Makrobios in1984, it was largely due to my great interest in nature and in the health effects of different foods. Just like for Makrobios, the operations of Vitality and Oy stem from promoting natural well-being via high-quality products. I strongly believe that Makrobios, as part of Vitality and Oy, can address the needs of consumers even better and promote their well-being both in a natural and responsible way”, states Makrobios founder Henrik Nyberg, who will continue in an advisory role in Vitality and Oy product development.

”People are becoming increasingly more interested in the health effects of food, and at the same time more and more people want to ensure that their nutrition is of natural and responsible origin. To meet these evolving consumer needs, we aim to create a whole where companies act in an entrepreneurial and independent fashion to advance consumers’ natural well-being. When I consider the Makrobios’ operational principles and their long traditions in the field, I am convinced that we could hardly find a better-suited partner for our concept”, says Vitality and Oy chairman of the board and Juuri Partners part owner Markus Einiö.

”Vitality and Oy has an extremely interesting mission of meeting the changing consumer demand, and I believe Makrobios will benefit from the support they will receive. That is why I am truly excited to have the chance to become part of this whole and to develop Makrobios together with our new partners”, says Perttu Dietrich, who will continue as the Makrobios CEO.


Makrobios has been doing business from as early as 1984. Based in Tammisaari, the company was founded to promote the use and sales of organic products in Finland. Makrobios is one of the leading players in the import and wholesale field in Finland for organic and natural well-being products. The selection covers about 1,000 products from about one hundred brands. In addition to organic and natural well-being products, the offering covers also functional foodstuffs and other products. Their turnover during the accounting period that ended in June was a little over five million Euros.

Vitality and Oy promotes consumers’ natural well-being by bringing together responsible companies that operate in an independent and entrepreneurial fashion the field of natural and organic products. Vitality and Oy has a turnover of over 14 million Euros.

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