Sustainable value creation: Juuri Partners has released the annual ESG report

The ESG report for Juuri Partners Fund II has been released. Our first public ESG report underscores the commitment to develop pragmatic sustainability efforts and responsibility work driven by owner value.

The sustainability efforts of Juuri Partners are based on continuous and pragmatic development work driven by owner value. Continuous improvement has been at the forefront in our sustainability work since the beginning. We signed the UN PRI Principles for Responsible Investment last year, and now we have prepared our first public ESG report.

Our report encapsulates the underpinnings of sustainability work at Juuri Partners and highlights the principles of continuous improvement. It underlines the fact that the entire team at Juuri Partners is committed to sustainability efforts, illustrates how the commitment is applied across our portfolio and summarizes the overall impact at portfolio level. Additionally, we measured our own carbon footprint at Juuri Partners for the first time as part of our ESG work. For each portfolio company, we showcase their key sustainability metrics and goals aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We want to extend our gratitude to all portfolio companies of Juuri Partners for their practical efforts on sustainability. There would be numerous examples to share, but this report emphasizes the pioneering work of Nitor in the field of ESG, and the operational enhancements and electrification efforts at Kamrock that drive significant reductions in GHG emissions in an industry that is paramount to development of renewable energy and renewal of critical infrastructure.

Read the report: Juuri’s annual sustainability report 2023

You can find Juuri’s general ESG policy here.

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